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“Like” me! “Like” me! August 21, 2011

What keeps us hooked on Facebook for hours and hours once we have taken our daily dose of creeping? Facebook Pages.

I never thought about all of the business pages on Facebook unless I was interested in finding a restaurant and wanted to know what other people were saying about it. Even then, I never clicked the coveted “Like” button.

What convinces us to “like” a page? From my personal experience, I am drawn in by deals, creativity and the promise of interesting content.

Obviously, the easiest way to get people to click the like button is to offer an exclusive deal for doing so. Maybe there is a special weekly deal to look forward to or a one time discount for liking the page. Whatever it is, we like getting things discounted!

Discounts are nice, but sometimes getting someone to like your page can be done on creativity alone. I am both annoyed and attracted to pages that use fangates. If you search for a page, a fangate is the image you see as a non-fan. Once you  click like, a different image and content appears. Wildfire offers a free app that allows you to easily add this to your page.

It’s like being told not to do something as a child, OK and even as an adult. Tell me I can’t do something and all I want to do is exactly what I am being told not to do. What’s behind the fangate that only fans can see? I NEED to know.

The most enticing fangates are those that don’t just say “Like Us” but instead say it in a creative way. Here are a few that I found creative and leaving me wanting more from that company:

Well they got us with the fun “like” button, but what keeps us there?  There’s a lot to be said for comapnies that can continue to keep their fans engaged once they hit the like button. So much so that I decided to save my brilliant thoughts on this for another post. 🙂

I think its fun when companies take the time to make their Facebook page a destination rather than a sales outlet. It all starts with the “Like” button.


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