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Is there haterade in the water? October 16, 2013

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Have you ever heard that saying, “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Or if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all? Everything we were taught about being kind to others seems to of vanished among the masses online. Simply, people are mean.

A lack of filter has led to many cases of cyber-bullying and suicides. Bullying is not something new, but the fact that someone can do it where no teacher can hear them so there are no repercussions if they don’t get caught is attractive to cyber-bullies.

Bullies are childish. So, why does it extend beyond children? Grown adults take to social media to share their opinion about everything. In customer service, it’s accepted that generally more people complain than compliment and it’s the same with social media.

I’m not saying people should be stripped of their freedom to speak, but adults should be more apt to respectfully share opinions. My jaw constantly drops with the anger people have towards strangers and situations they disagree with. People feed off one another until the snowball effect takes action and the whole situation is blown out of proportion.

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The fact that moms are mad at Maria Kang for posting an intentionally motivational photo drove me to stop thinking about writing this post to actually doing it. I can’t understand why people are so mad about the photo. Her Facebook page was specifically designed to be an inspiration for other women, specifically moms, who visit it expecting fitness tips and motivation.

It’s not like Maria is attempting to create a false image of her life; she even shows pictures of her with her kids being a normal mom  Her controversial photo asking, “What’s your excuse?” was asking fans to honestly evaluate their health and in turn, people came up with lots of excuses.

Then there are things people can rightfully be mad about, like the government shutdown. However, even if it’s something that would naturally solicit a frustrated response, the comments turn into an argument that snowballs with assumptions and anger rather than facts.

Read any news story followed by the comments section and prepare to be amazed by spelling errors, capitalization and accusations galore. No matter how sweet the story begins, there’s always someone to take it the wrong way and bring down the mood.

Let’s pretend there is actually a filter. Just because you think something, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to say it. Breathe and ask yourself, “Would I kiss my mother with that mouth?”

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but consider the difference between voicing an opinion and being a bully. And speaking for all community managers, we’d appreciate it when the filter is used.


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