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Anyone can. You can too! October 1, 2010

I lack talent in the cooking department, but if I saw a book titled “Anyone Can Cook” I would simply have faith that this author has found a way to mold me into a chef.

In the same way, social media has created the idea that anyone can become a published musician, writer, and videographer. Suddenly, anyone can promote themselves online with any talent they may or may not have. I think I am a writer and therefore, I am writing this blog. I signed up and was given the ability to share any thought or opinion I have with the world.

“The Social Media Bible,” by Lon Safko states that: “In the twentieth century, professional reporters and publishers decided what the news was and determined how the public saw it. Though we might still have some professionals making these decisions in the twenty-first century, we now have personal reporters and publishers— more than 50 million of them—who bring our news to us on a daily basis.”

Safko goes on to explain that today, instead of only receiving the news our local media deems newsworthy, we have endless news sources to choose from and the format is more conversational rather than telling.

This idea that everyday people are creating information sources is called citizen journalism. New York University journalism professor, Jay Rossen, defined citizen journalism in July 2008 on his blog, Pressthink,as “when the people formerly known as the audience employ the press tools they have in their possession to inform one another, that’s citizen journalism.”

Podcast, also described as an MP3 file, is a very popular way to promote information or video online. Here are a few examples of how both professional and accredited organizations, as well as how individuals use these tools to publish their thoughts.

1. CNN creates podcasts for each segment they air making it easy to pick and choose a topic you wish to know more about.

2. Geek News Central is an online website devoted to podcasting about technology. This is a perfect example of how anyone can find a niche, create a podcast and find followers.

3. Philip Defranco creates a short five-minute video five days a week. In his podcast, he very quickly and humorously offers his opinion of that day’s top news stories.

4. Missouri State University has a select number of classes and professors that have recorded and uploaded their lectures into podcasts. For instance, Dr. Dyer post all of his lectures on iTunes U convenient to not only his students, but other students and professors across the nation.

As an organization seeking publicity, having information readily available to consumers wherever and whenever they want them is a key component to a company’s success. If prepared, creating and uploading a podcast will only take a few minutes. This is a simple and free way to reach people on the go. Why not take advantage of it?


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