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Following Your Passion June 15, 2014

photo1 (1)When I accepted a new job in Indianapolis two years ago, I was confident that it was what I was meant to do because I was passionate about social media and had trucking in my blood. I was so proud to do what I did best, marketing; mixed with what my grandpa did best, diesel mechanics and trucking. I felt like he was with me cheering me on along the way.

I would have loved to have been able to talk about diesel with him; trucking is probably not something he ever imagined his youngest granddaughter would build her career on. I am so thankful to of had the opportunity to learn about what made him who he was and what he did to provide for his family- my dad.

Now, I have the opportunity to follow my dad’s footsteps in my career. While still using my marketing skills, I will be doing what he does best: giving back to the community. I look forward to being able to talk to him about what we are doing with our separate organizations and how we are changing the world (well, changing parts of it, at least).

Having the ability to see my grandpa and dad’s passion shine through in my own career means a lot to me. I am lucky to have their influence, and I desire to make them both proud. I suppose it’s fitting that I start my new career the day after Father’s Day. If they hadn’t followed their passion, I wouldn’t have found mine.


Golden rules for job hunting (#HireSarah) December 14, 2011

Should you take career advice from someone who is career hunting? Don’t worry, I’m just sharing someone else’s tips.

I’ve posted before about a group I am in on Linkedin,#PRintern/#EntryPR. I originally joined this group because I thought it would give me internship and job leads and while it has, the benefits have proved to be much greater than job postings.

Heather Huhman is the group’s founder. She is also the president of Come Recommended and contributes to numerous blogs, websites and organizations to share her knowledge of public relations.

Whether it is her great advice, or other PR professionals in the group, not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new to improve my job search. The greatest gem I have found so far came this morning in a SlideShare from January, 2011. It’s a year old, but I think the advice is still relevant:

I know there are 53 slides, but I recommend each of them. Here are a few things I took away- just in case you are feeling lazy!
There is a free tool that will evaluate your online brand.
My score was in the green, but definitely has improvements as far as getting my name out there more and online networking. The good news is, though my name is super common, I can actually be found in search results! Excellent! What is your score?
Even things I thought I had figured out, I can improve. 
Sure, I know how to blog, but I was making a critical mistake! I wasn’t tagging myself! Reading that advice was a big “duh” moment for me and I immediately changed my strategy. Even when it comes to cover letters and resumes there was something to learn! I love having examples of cover letters to look at, it’s always the part that takes me the longest when applying to jobs.
Find creative ways to job hunt.
Heather tells real-world examples of how other people got the job. One person spent $8,000 on billboards stating her qualifications and another added a hire me hashtag after her tweets. #Genius. It made me think, what can I do to stand out? Hmmm…
Interview tips for phone and in person interviews.
No matter how many times you hear interview tips, they are always slightly different and benefit you in a slightly different way. Chances are, with the long list of tips in this SlideShare, you are sure to find something you did not know before!
So I have some revamping to do! The challenge is getting noticed. How can I stand out and land an interview? Being unemployed is a tough job. It’s tough to stay motivated and focused. I’ve found that keeping a routine and surounding your self with supportive people are important factors to keep me going.
Nowfor a selfish plug: #HireSarah @ThisgirlSarah #Thanks


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