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Nothing right clicks like a PC October 2, 2011

It’s happened. My Dell has been replaced.

Perhaps it was my dedication to catching up on Pretty Little Liars episodes via sketchy websites that did it. Maybe it was sharing/spilling my breakfast every morning around my laptop that did it. Whatever it was, a new laptop was a must.

It all started with a virus. I tried resetting, then I tried running a virus scan, and then I tried shoving it under my bed for three months hoping the cold shoulder would get it to cooperate. Nope.

So I knew it was time to take a deep breathe and spend my hard earned money on a new computer.

I wanted a Mac. The hype had gotten in my head. A virus had taken my Dell, so I thought a Mac was the solution. It really seems as though I am the only person in the world without a Mac. Have you noticed that? Probably not, you probably have one.

My brother has a Mac, for design purposes, and is the only Mac owner that told me I could get the things I wanted from a Mac on a PC without spending as much money. Love that idea! Especially because the mouse on a Mac is absolutely the most frustrating aspect of the computer. I need a right and left clicker. I  need the shortcuts I have memorized on a PC to work on a Mac. They don’t.

So I went to Best Buy where they were not pushy intelligent, listened to my needs and answered my questions. But best of all, they let me leave without a computer.I needed the thinking time without a pushy salesman approach. I went home and considered the computers I had been shown. Toshiba and Samsung were my top contenders. One was less money but had a weird mouse. The other had a faster processor. (Did you k now, the Intel Core tells you how fast your computer will work? i3 is average, i5 has 4 processors… the more the better. Fun fact I learned.)

Saturday I saw a Best Buy ad for a Sony laptop on sale. It had an i5 processor, camera with gesture navigation (which I didn’t know existed!), a Blue Ray player, was energy efficient and a chic style. As my dad says, “It’s very stylish. I like the texture! Did you notice it’s stylish on the top too?” He, who I was relying on to tell me the specs and price looked good, not how cute it was, but the confirmation was appreciated. Check it out:

So here I am just typing away on my new Sony Vaio! I feel so legitimate having Windows 7 and Microsoft 2010 on my computer. Day one of Sony and Sarah together has been excellent. And because I so heavily relied on reviews when picking my computer, I’d like to let you know that so far, I recommend this laptop.

Yes, this post was rambling about my laptop search, but I don’t think enough people post positive reviews of companies and products. I’d like to “be the change [I] wish to see in the world.” 🙂



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