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Multimedia portfolio May 3, 2011

I’ve abandoned this blog for a while because I have been blogging for Ozarks News Journal as a part of my multimedia journalism class. For our final portfolio, we were asked to write a post combining ten of our best stories and work. Here is my portfolio:

1) A featured story or other reporting-based text (not opinion)
I did a lot of research on the topic of social media in a crisis, especially revolving around Japan relief efforts after the tsunami. I found some interesting statistics from both news stories and related to social media and combined it into the following story:
Social Meda’s Role in Japan Relief Efforts

2) One reporting-based opinion text
I was intrigued by the song “Friday” by Rebecca Black when I heard it on the radio and began researching her. I was appalled at how rude people were in their comments on YouTube and it inspired me to read more about her story. This story states two of my opinions: one, that the song is annoying and two, that cyberbullying is a scary issue.
Cyberbullying Friday

3) A series of five photos:
I choose to include this photo gallery from our most recent feature story. Bianca Boyd and I took most of the photos aside from a few that Jason Johnston took. I took the first few personally. Bianca and I collectively wrote descriptions and resized the photos. I uploaded them as a gallery. I believe the descriptions could stand alone as a story because of our descriptions.
New Bike Corral Is Eagerly Anticipated in Downtown Springfield

4) A video
This is a video I created based on an event Saturday, April 30, 2011. I created it as a highlight video for teams that competed in the tournament. I posted it to the event page on Facebook for everyone to see.

5) A podcast
This podcast is an interview I did with musician Melissa Harper for our Alternative Entertainment feature story. I edited 12 minutes out of the recording and edited out many of my comments and questions to help with the flow. I also uploaded her song for the introduction and conclusion and faded it in and out.
Interview with Melissa Harper

The following are my top favorite blogs. I choose these because they included research that helped shape my opinion on issues in the news or different trends.

6) Opinion blog
My Future: AKA Endless Job Searching 

7) Opinion blog
Way to Rub it in Our Faces iPhones

8 ) Opinion blog
You’ve Got Mail in 2011 

9) Opinion blog
Social Media: An Accomplice to Hostility 

10) Reporting based opinion blog:
Barbie Loves Ken, Mattel Loves Publicity


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