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Times change September 24, 2010

I am a proud millennial child who has never turned in a handwritten paper and who instant messaged her grandpa in fifth grade. I understand that I am growing up during a very technologically advanced period, but I have never been an early adopter when it comes to these trends.

For instance, I remember the first time my mom discovered search engines. She dragged my brother and I downstairs to our gigantic computer, dialed up the Internet and we were and introduced to We could ask Jeeves anything and Jeeves would find the answer. At the time, I wasn’t as impressed as my mom with this ambiguous Jeeves man, however, I have since fallen in love with how easily search engines respond to my questions.

The point is, I catch on slowly. I am the girl that paid extra for a phone that was not a touch screen and who actually thinks it is a little creepy to “check in” every time I leave Craig Hall and walk to Glass Hall on Foursquare; but times change. If I hope to be successful in the world of public relations I must learn how to actually use my Twitter page and explore the endless options of social media.

This Youtube clip from Erik Qualman, author of “Socialnomics,” shows statistics regarding social media and really opened my eyes to the success of these trends.

Perhaps the reason social media has created such a sudden presence in our lives is because there are so many options and each one is free to try. In “The Social Media Bible,” by Lon Safko, Safko outlines a few of the most popular social networking sites. Because I am still catching up in the social networking world, I took the time to follow-up on Safko’s suggestions and visited a few of the social networking websites he features.

1. Bebo– This website fuses Facebook’s group features and MySpace’s ability to upload content into a single location. I can see this being used for musicians and artists to feature their work.

2. Fastpitchnetworking– With the tagline “Are you ready to make your pitch,” this website is designed to generate sales and market a product, idea or person. Safko lists one of its features as being able to distribute press releases, newsletters, event announcements, videos and more. What an excellent resource for a business or a business’ public relations firm to get connected (note to self).

3. Gather–  Safko explains that is a forum where people can connect with others who share similar interests. The website’s main page is divided into different sections like a newspaper would be making it easy for any person (or business) to build their presence and start talking.

My first step in exploration and better understanding is officially underway. Becoming familiar with each social networking website will take time, but will help me find the perfect medium to promote my future employer or client.


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